By Kristopher Drummond

When I met Bob, we were in his assisted living apartment, a dark room little bigger than a hotel suite, with stale notes of the previous occupants’ cigarette smoke still hanging in the air. He was resigned to his mechanical recliner, a gaunt figure dwarfed by overstuffed padding billowing out around him. I was a kid looking to get closer to death, to taste its notes against the palette of my insulated life, and Bob was a man reluctantly acknowledging he didn’t want to travel his terminal COPD diagnosis alone.

On the very first day of our…

Sule Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

Life is a story. Or it seems that way, at least. The entire human enterprise as commonly envisioned is a complex web of temporal relationships, held together through the grammatical abstraction of language. Every utterance relating to the past has no reality besides that which we assign through our trust of the speaker. By definition, the past has already occurred and can therefore not be “real” in any objective sense of the word. Stories fill this void, explaining, rationalizing, questioning, and integrating the raw data of lived experience in ways that bring meaning to the subjective human state. Between the…

Kris Drummond

Kristopher is a writer, photographer and soul-rooted guide and dreamworker living in Asheville, North Carolina learning to serve the New Story.

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